United Airlines | SFO-SEA | Boeing 737-900ER

Hey IFC!
Today was a fun day! After returning back to the US from Germany, I decided to fly up to beautiful Seattle and take advantage of the ATC!
Thanks to @DiamondGaming4, @anon99845028, and @Prashant_Divedi for their great ATC service and patience.
Here are the details of the flight
Time: 2019-10-19T14:00:00Z2019-10-19T16:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122

Here are the pictures, enjoy!
Gear up 28L

Flying over downtown San Francisco

Beautiful mountain range

Approaching Foggy Seattle

Cleared for approach 16R

Cleared to land 16R

Butter 16R

Very long line of people that landed 16R are trying to cross 16C and 16L

Finally, at the gate. “Ladies and gentlemen, once again thankyou for flying with United Airlines, we hope to see you again soon”

I hope you enjoyed!
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Very nice! I liked number 4 because of the mountains and the fog in background :)

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Great photo! Glad you like our service 😉

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