United Airlines | SFO-EWR | Boeing 777-200ER

Hey IFC!
I haven’t featured United’s old livery yet, and now is it beautiful. Then once airlines started absorbing other airlines (United absorbed continental, Delta absorbed Northwest, American absorbed US airways), United completely stole Continental’s logo and livery.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are here!
Our ride for today, a tasty 777

Lined up on 28L

Blasting out of SFO

Climbing over the city

Flying over the mountain range that separates wet and dry air

Ahh yeah

Flying over the Continental divide and leaving the mountains behind

Nothing but plains😭

Final 22L

Buttery landing in EWR

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Very nice! Very high quality photos! You’ve got to love liveries from the past! :)


Third photo looks extremely realistic with the lighting and angle - very nice


Haha, nice! I was watching, it was a smooth landing. :)

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Looking 🔥 ‎

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Great pics! Also two best airports and of course the best airline! Keep it up :) ( 3,4, 10 were my favorite :)