United Airlines | SFO-DFW | Airbus A320

Hey IFC!
After some issues with my device crashing, I decided to do a shorter route from SFO and hop to a big airport I’ve never really been to before, DFW.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122
The photos are ready!
Takeoff 1L

Flying over the epic divide between green and desert

Flying past the Grand Canyon!

It’s the A320

Flying high

About to begin descent

Final 18R

Safe landing in DFW

I hope y’all enjoyed!


nice one bro!

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That looks really epic indeed! I always like a good wing view, and this is a really good one for sure. Many other great pictures too (even though I am personally not a black/white fan).

Thanks for sharing!


I have to agree, that wing view is so good! Great photos!


As an AAVA Pilot I can’t relate chief
Nice pictures! I hope you had a nice flight!

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The epic divide between green and desert is so nice!

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Those wing views are stunning! Great shots man

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It’s those Chinook winds!

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s c e n e r y

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