United Airlines | SCL-IAH | Boeing 767-300ER

Hey IFC!
I finally returned to North America from South America, and man was it beautiful there. I had been missing out on so much. I need to go back down there soon.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Heavy takeoff from Santiago

Left turning over the lovely mountains

Climbing high

Flying fast Columbia as I fly north

Flying past who knows where

Last sight of land before IAH

This plane is old

Boring IAH final

Safe landing in IAH

I hope y’all enjoyed!


You’ve really improved as a screenshotter, these are great! I feel like the 767 doesn’t get as much attention as it should. No one flies it, yet no one wants it reworked either 🤦‍♂️


Nice shots! I dont think ive ever flown the 767 before in IF lol

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its ok if you fly the 767 in IF but it really needs a rework since its very old (from 2012) and kinda outdated


woahhh. I definitely have to revisit the 767 and South America

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Great shots. Love the United 767 as I’ve flown on it a few times :)

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Great shots, I remember using the 767 as my first long-ish haul, EGLL-KJFK, never flown it since, it really needs more attention

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Wow! Impressive shots!

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True. The 767 is truly under appreciated in the IFC. Why it is is beyond me. Because the 767 was the backbone for many airlines for medium to long haul flights for decades.

PRAISE TO THE 767!!! 😍


Nice shots! Would’ve looked better if the aircraft was reworked