United Airlines pulling out of Nigeria

This is very sad news for me. United will be pulling out of there soon same with Iberia. It is because how that county is with businesses. It is because the people there pay there tickets in Naira. So now Air France, Qatar, and Etihad are issuing a warning that if they don’t get the amount of Naira the ticket is supposed to cost they’re pulling out. Iberia is pulling out because they are not getting that much passengers going there. Even though Nigerian travel time is around November and December.

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Good thing though is that the Nigerian Carrier Arik Air can be put to use and use the biggest aircraft in there fleet the A330.


It’s sad to hear many airlines terminated some of their routes :(

Yeah it is sad.

That is so sad. That will mess up Nigeria’s economy a little bit. :(

What’s a Naira?

Well they probably had those Nigerian hackers we hear so much about, they may have hacked into the airline system and wired some of the Naira to themselves…

Is this Naira the Nigerian currency?

Yep. I think so

Sad. United sends a daily 787 to Nigeria

Yep it’s the currency.

It is sad last time I flew it there was 2 years back.

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Whats so sad. Its just a route. Who cares

This is sad for some because that is how I see family there and since my mum flies non rev on United we can go a lot. Also it is one country I’ve been to the most so I do say it is sad to see them pull out.

Here,use on of these airlines. Problem solved.

-Direct from United States

Delta flights Arik Air flights
-Other airlines flying to Nigeria

British Airways flights Virgin Atlantic flights South African Airways flights
Lufthansa flights Turkish Airlines flights EgyptAir flights
Air France flights Qatar Airways flights Saudia flights
Emirates flights Ethiopian Airlines flights Royal Air Maroc flights
KLM flights Etihad Airways flights

This is pretty sad, but things come and go.

its not sad. boo hoo an airline is pulling out of an airport.

Yeah I know I’m just saying it is sad to see United pulling out. Also Air France, Qatar, and Etihad may pull out.

glad to hear

Like @Bulba said, it’s not just for United, but other airlines might pull out, and a nice airport will (might) lose airlines!


Yeah I know well I can always with Delta. Hopefully no other airlines are pulling out.