United Airlines | ORD-LAX | Boeing 737-900ER

Hey IFC!
You guys got two big surprises coming in this. A Grand Canyon fly by and a insanely terrifying parallel 25R 25L landing with an EKVA Alaska 737! Since I didn’t mention it in the title, hats of to you for having faith in me that my posts will be cool! Let’s get to it.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122
The photos are ready for eyeballs! Hooray.
Successful takeoff from Chicago O’Hare

Climbing out of Chicago

Classic wing view

Reaching the border between the plains and the Rocky Mountains! Finally cool scenery.

I love UA’s logo, even though they stole it from continental back when they bought them.

Here is surprise number 1

Flying past crowded Las Vegas!

Joining up with the EKVA 737-900

Parallel landing in LAX!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice photos ! :)


Nice shots. What’s with everyone’s obsession with runway 25R?

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Well, now you got me crying over Continental 😢. Great shots!

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@Asher we were the only two people at the airport at the time, on the ground or on approach. Since nobody was there that would have to hold short due to me landing I just went ahead because Alaska was taking 25L and the United Airlines gates are on the south side of LAX. If I had landed 24s I would’ve had to taxi significantly longer. Though it would’ve probably been a good idea, we were pretty close together.

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The final approach one is perfect:)

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How was the landing, the 900ER is a tricky one for me.

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I have no clue but when I am controlling in training server and I vector a pilot to a new runway they just ignore me and continue inbound on 25R🤣


The first is my favorite! They are all amazing photos! Keep it up!

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Not only is it the runway closer to the gates, but it is also the longest runway at LAX

Just my thought on why it is the most “popular” haha

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@dan1 I think the 737-900ER is on the easier side to fly among narrow-body jets. It’s a great plane and doesn’t have many flaws so I like it a lot.

@Jack_Q Thats just awesome!!

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To be fair, I haven’t flown it in a while and while I was on approach winds changed to a 24kt tailwind and then a 7kt crosswind when I actually landed, so no wonder I didn’t have the best landing.

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