United Airlines | ORD-HNL | Airbus A350-900

Hey IFC!
Man do I love that A350. Alright gang, today we again visit Hawaii! So pretty there. Even if it’s 10 degrees F where I am it’s 90+ there. I hope I can really visit it someday IRL. Alright! Let’s get to the details.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122
Finally! The photos are here.
Positive climb gear up

Way up there at 36000ft. Go eat some good food passengers!

Approaching the west coast. Lots of pretty mountains.

Last land we will see for the next 5 hours!

Reaching to point of no return! If a problem happens now and I have to land I have to continue on to Hawaii (scary story about this Pan Am flight 6)

Beautiful islands in sight. Hmm… winds favor 26L, I am in for a tricky approach Runway 26 approach


Made it down! Not too buttery but at least it was center line.

I hope y’all enjoyed! Merry Christmas!


Great photos🤩🔥

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Cool shots! I definitely recommend going to Hawaii, amazing place I must say myself.


I really love the photo of Oahu from above! I just flew Dallas to Kona and even though today was a warm 35 degree day in Pennsylvania. I really wish I could be in Hawaii

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I believe the appropriate term is Atari minus 6000ft 😛 😉

Love the photos!

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Great pictures, I just read the Pan Am incident and now the name “the point of no return” scares me because if literally anything happens you have to go on…

Great photos and happy holidays🥂😄

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