United Airlines | ORD-HKG | Boeing 747-400

Hey IFC!
This flight definitely pushed the 747 to it’s limits, and you all now how I love to push the 747 to it’s limits. This flight was a whopping 17 hours because of head winds. And that was made possible because I had 10 degrees of flaps deployed for most of the flight as you can see. Here is why I do this. Please, let’s avoid any speculation related to this in the comments.

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: United 122VA

 Route: Chicago O'hare KORD - Hong Kong VHHH

Here we go!
Our ride

Blasting out of Chicago

Climbing high

Flying high

Flying over Alaska

Flying past Japan

Oh dang

Descending into Hong Kong

Final 07R

Safe landing in HKG

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Testing the 747 to it’s limits is definitely fun. I would not chance a 17 hour flight though. Next flight you should ATTEMPT to do should be Project Sunrise with the 747. That would be amazing if you can complete it.


That would definitely we fun. I would probably have to do no cargo or passengers


omg i put my drone camera to that exact plane at that time of day but it was at lax

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