United Airlines [on board experience series PT.2]

Attention on the concourse United airlines flight 398 with service to Honolulu, Hawaii has begun the boarding process. All first class passengers may now board.

Hello Mr. CPT_Colorado First class I see, well right this way, enjoy your flight!!

Welcome we’re excited to have you on board and we appreciate your attention as we demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft. FAA regulations require you to follow the instructions of our crew members and comply with posted and lighted signs. It’s important to have your seatbelt on at all times, to fasten your seatbelt slide the metal end into the buckle, tighten by pulling the loose end of the strap, and flip the top of the buckle to release. When the seatbelt sign is on, your seatbelt should be fastened low and tight across your lap. In case of unexpected turbulence keep your seatbelt fastened even when the seatbelt sign is off. Please take a look around to familiarize yourself with the aircraft. This Boeing 777 has 8 exit doors, 4 on each side of the aircraft. If the doors are opened in an emergency slide rafts will automatically inflate, in a water landing the slides attached to the aircraft can be come unattached to be used as life rafts. All eight exits are marked with overhead signs. As you locate the two nearest exits to your seat, remember they may be behind you. If you are seated in an exit row, you may be asked to assist the crew during an evacuation. If you’re unable or uncomfortable please ask a flight attendant to be moved. If you must evacuate the aircraft, exit path lights on or neat the floor will illuminate and guide you to the exit. Look for a change in color or an exit sign to indicate that you’ve reached an exit. Leave all cary-on bags behind. Please refer to the safety card near your seat for the operation of the exit doors on this aircraft. If necessary an oxygen mask will drop from above your seat. If a strap appears flip down on the strap to access your mask from the compartment. Pull your mask down to extend the tubing, placed a mask over your nose and mouth and slip the band over your head. The band does not require adjustment. To start the flow of oxygen breathe normally make sure your mask is secure before helping others. Should you need it you will find a lifevest equipped with water of activated light under or near your seat when directed pull the tap to remove the pouch tear open the pouch remove and unfold the vest. Flip the best over your head wrap the belt around your waist and secure it to the buckle in front pull the loose end to tighten. Make sure you inflate your vest just prior to exiting the aircraft pulling down sharply on the red tab. You can also inflate the vest by blowing into the tube, this aircraft is also equipped with infant lifevests will be distributed if necessary. Smoking of any kind including e-cigarette’s is never allowed on the aircraft FAA regulations prohibit tampering with disabling or destroying lavatory smoke detectors. US law also requires passenger to comply with lighted signs and crewmember instructions. Make sure you’ve switched all smart phones tablets and E readers to airplane mode for taxi takeoff and landing large electronica devices must be turned off and stowed. For international destinations your flight attendants advise if that’s necessary to turn off and still your device. We will be taking off soon please review the safety card located on near your seat stow your tray table carry-on items head rests and foot rest and make sure your seat back is upright and your seatbelt is securely fastened. Please place per your personal items I see in front of you. At united we are connecting the world and doing it safely. Thank you and enjoy your flight

Ladies and Gentlemen a word from the flight deck…ummm so apparently a notification appeared on our device and we unfortunately weren’t there to make it go away so we lost connection from the Live server. And since that happened the replay mode broke and We won’t be able to see the landing 😭😭😭

Sorry about the little mistake that occurred during the flight but there is always next time.

What should I do next?

  • Lufthansa Den-Fra B744
  • Iceland air Den-Keflavik B755
  • Frontier Den-Mco A321
  • Ryan air Dub-unknown rn B738

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And part 1 is below


one problem, but the photos are great. however, in the safety briefing, you said 737, now, i don’t want to be that guy or anything, but (that’s not a 737)

Ahhh whoops I will fix it haha lol

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looks like The Lufthansa airlines flight wins. Stay tuned for part 3

Thats funny enjoyed the reading and the pics C:

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Part 3 is uppppppp

I liked the safery instructions for passengers 😂😂

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This is awesome bro, you got to keep this up lol. Great stuff :) :)

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