United Airlines | Newark to Tokyo | Boeing 777-300ER

Newark to Tokyo Narita

Hey y’all. This is my favorite route, and as soon as I saw that the United 777-300ER was coming in 20.2, I knew that this was going to have to be my first flight. I flew this as an overnighter, cruising at FL340, then FL360, and finally FL380. It was a really pleasant flight, spanning over 14 hours and 21 minutes. I would definitely recommend this flight for anybody that enjoys a simple long-haul.

Flight Details

Newark to Tokyo Narita
Boeing 777-300ER
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Resting at the gate ahead of our long expedition with SQ21 resting in the background.

Starting up our engines as we push onto the taxiway.

Lining up onto 22R while another 777-300ER from Chicago lands on 22L.

Banking out of Newark on the famous left-hand turn.

Cruising high over Anchorage, Alaska.

Banking as we begin our descent into Tokyo Narita.

Number two for landing on 34L, as a Singapore Airlines 777-300ER from Singapore turns final.

Flaring while an ANA 777-200 Spectates my smooth landing.

Resting in gate 35 next to the same Singapore 777.

That’s all! Thanks for viewing, this was a really awesome flight.


I can’t stop looking at these photos because their so gorgeous 🤩🤩


Thanks, Mason. 😊

Lovely job

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Newark + United = Happy Zack

Fabulous job, Pingu! 😍


Those are hot. The 2nd photo looks like a Diecastryan photo if you’ve ever seen him on Instagram

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@NoahM and @Z-Tube thanks, guys. 😊


Also, I was going for the Diecastryan vibe. More focused on Flying.ty, but they both take similar shots.

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great pics! Not a fan of United but a fan of these pics!

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Thanks, Juan! 😊

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