United Airlines’ New Special Liveries


Her Art Here

The Facts

On February 28, 2019, United Airlines announced a contest for female/cisgender/transgender/woman-aligned/non-binary artists to honor Women’s History Month. Designated “Her Art Here”, the competition allowed United States residents a chance to display a work of art representing New York and New Jersey or California on two Boeing 757s. The designs would go through a multitude of stages before being painted on the plane, including the artist first submitting a video, their artwork set, and their composition to a specialized United website. Three contenders for each region would be selected by judges, United’s main executives, and the final livery would be decided by the public in a poll.

Both winners, Corrine Antonelli for New York/New Jersey and Tsungwei Moo for California, received 10,000 dollars. Additionally, they were gifted 100,000 United MileagePlus miles and had their work displayed in United Club and United Polaris locations, as well as in a gallery.

United’s 757s fly a multitude of routes, including cross-country flights, transatlantic routes, and Hawaiian trips, which create many opportunities to spot these liveries.

The Liveries

The New York/New Jersey features Antonelli’s hometown at the front of the aircraft, a globe, representing United’s connectivity worldwide, in the middle of the fuselage, and the New York skyline at the rear of the plane.

The New York/New Jersey Livery

The California livery features the Pacific Ocean, palm trees, the Golden Gate Bridge, mountains, and “sunglasses”, painted around the cockpit windows.

The California Livery

The Aircraft

The aircraft featuring the New York Livery, N14102, was (most likely) flown to Amarillo (AMA) to be repainted, and came to Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to operate its first revenue flights with the new livery on September 21, 2019 (9/21/19).

Airframe Information
Operator Livery Aircraft Registration Delivery Date Airframe Age
United Airlines New York/New Jersey Livery Boeing 757-224(WL) N14102 June 1994 (To Continental Air Lines) 25.4 Years

Airframe Operations

N14106, the 757 displaying the California livery, was ferried from Amarillo (AMA) to San Fransisco (SFO) to operate its first revenue flights on October 9, 2019 (10/9/19).

Airframe Information
Operator Livery Aircraft Registration Delivery Date Airframe Age
United Airlines California Livery Boeing 757-224(WL) N14106 September 1994 (To Continental Air Lines) 25.1 Years

Airframe Operations


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@levet what do you think?


I like the new liveries! All of the recent liveries have seemed really old, Glad to see they made some new ones!

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The new liveries are so vivid! Reminds me of when Continental did Peter Max on one of their 777s


@anon57683537 Back at it again with an amazing post
Also I like how airlines get creative with liveries sometimes!

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Exactly my reaction as well LOL

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I’ve gotta say, the new United livery looks superb on 757s. These special liveries are amazing as well!


Yeah, it’s great to see more creative liveries out there.

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The regular livery might look a bit worse

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Ive edited the post

Does anyone know if Amarillo is a location where United paints planes?

Yep, it’s one of them. United has sent some of its A319s and ex-China Southern A320s To AMA for repaint.

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There is an airplane maintenance factory in Amarillo that specializes in “aircraft painting, interiors, and graphics,” so United likely flew their planes there to get them painted. The name of the company is International Aerospace Coating (IAC), and you can see on their website they work with many large airlines such as United, Lufthansa, Ryanair, and Qatar, among others.


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