United Airlines | LAX-DEN | Boeing 737-900ER

Hey IFC!
I love US west coast flights to DEN, I don’t know why. I think it’s because you go over a ton of mountains in the flight.

Server: Expert

Callsign: United 122VA

Route: Los Angeles KLAX - Denver KDEN

Feast your eyes
Our ride

Rocketing out of LAX

Soaring over the dessert

Hello moon!

The Grand canyon!

Descending into Denver

Final 16R



Ahh, 747s at the DEN. Here is the 747 I saw at DEN today in IF and the one I saw at DEN June 2020

Realsounds takeoff and landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Awesome footage and great video! Keep up the great work man! :)

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Brilliant use of the angles with those screenshots, keep it up👍

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Number 3 should be a startup screen on the app 👍

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WOOOW, I really love these 737 pictures of united, those graphics are spot on !! You did a great Job

Keep up the good work!!

Stay safe :)

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I love that moonshot! Great photos!

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looks dark and stormy!!

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