United Airlines is pure class

If the following article is true, hats off to United for a classy move. As we all know Atlas flight 3591 claimed the life of three pilots. One of which was a jumpseater named Sean Archuleta, a captain from Mesa who had recently accepted his job at United Airlines.

United Airlines 'in a gesture of kindness, respect, and utmost class, United Airlines is doing something incredible. During Sean’s Indoc class on March 12th, they will leave his seat vacant in memory of the great loss that rocked the aviation world and the hole that is left in all of our hearts. What an incredibly honorable and classy gesture!"


Huge respect for united and Sean 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


huge respect for Sean and what a nice gesture by the airline

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Such a terrible story and it’s nice to see United making a gesture like this

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I heard these rumors so glad UAL actually went through and did this, Hats off to them!

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huge respect

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