United Airlines | HNL-DEN | Boeing 777-200ER

Hey IFC!
First real flight with the new 777. Absolutely terrifying, I should have educated myself more before the flight on the new instrument procedures, but it didn’t affect me much, so it was overall a safe flight.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Heavy
The photos are ready!
Lining up 8R

Successful takeoff

Right turn after takeoff

Climbing High

Oh yeah


Also overedited

Oh yeah

Absolutely terrifying approach in a brand new plane to me at an airport with heavy gusts

Somehow safe landing in DEN

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Been like this since Friday lol

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Woww awesome pictures! 😍😍😍 Yeah I had the same problem when doing my first flight with the 777 yesterday 😂 I should have also educated myself first

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I miss Denver. I am driving there this summer to spend time with my grand parents who live in golden.

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Lovely. Goldens a nice area. Played baseball up there a couple times

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Has the weather gotten any better @den.aviation? I think it has, I just flew out of there and it wasn’t a lot less windy

Oh yeah. Yesterday was miserable. It even started snowing in the morning down in Castle Rock. Today the wind is supposed to be a lot calmer and supposed to be warmer today

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Picture 4 is my absolute favorite!

Still can’t figure out how to do it

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You use free view while paused and position yourself accordingly @Z-Tube

Therefore this is only doable in the replay?

Yeah you can’t really pause a flight and because of that free view can’t get the picture because the plane needs to be still.

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These are definitely some of my favorite shots from you. Well done!

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