United Airlines Her Art Here - California Livery 757-200

United hosted a competition for independent female artists to design a livery for one of their B757’s. One of the females to win painted a California themed design, and I think it would look great in the skies of infinite flight.

The B757 rework is confirmed!!! Maybe this can come fly the IF skies


This looks cool! Maybe you could change the title to include ‘Boeing 757-200’, as it may attract more people to click on this feature request?



I was just about to make a feature request for this as well


Yep this would be amazing. I was lucky enough to fly on it over summer :) such a cool model.


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I was just about to make a request for this lol

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This livery looks amazing along with the New York Art livery 🤩

Definitely voting for this one.

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hehe you already know I voted 😏

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See I have reached my limit, but count my vote as an extra!

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We need this livery, but I have reached my vote limit.

Fun fact, one of the artists was Taiwanese.

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Sadly I’m out of votes but this is truly a beauty!

Maybe have a look at my paper model of this? 😂

Since it is incredibily unlikely that we will get both this and United Boeing 757-200 “New York Art” Livery - #12 by CaptainLeo1
I think IF should do the New york art on one side of the plane and the california art on the other side of the plane IF THEY DO NOT DO BOTH. I know its not realistic but it could be better than neither idk
(I want both tho

Voted my First Vote ever

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You have my vote and absolute support. Amazing livery!


Keep voting for this one guys!! :)

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Wow, this livery looks amazing hope they add it

While we probably won’t be getting this due to copyright we can now get the Evo Blue 757 as it was released from the paint shop today

In my opinion this livery is one of the best I’ve ever seen!!!

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