United Airlines has a head on collision with another United flight

Background info:
Takeoff attempt on KLAX 25R, The pilot claims to of not seen them until it was too late.

Detailed Flight Info:

United Airlines A350, Training Server, Flight plan not filed. 10:43 American EST, Unknown Route.


You should report this guy because he did not follow ATC instructions

Nice photos, however,

No more than one topic per day

I crashed about 10 seconds later then IF crashed.

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The more you know. I think I gotta rethink my career. Two crashes is one day, I’m not a very good pilot?


Ok then, nice photos though! @Sam_Ortiz

If I had posted 2 hours later it would’ve been fine. Lol.

Not a biggie. I doubt it’ll be taken down. Nice photos btw!

He said it’s on training server…

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Oh ok then my mistake @Captain_Merka

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Avoid Training Server at all times. Just go on there when you are training for IFATC.

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@SahyaQFFlyer much like causal training server is the same when it comes to KLAX… People are crazy and no one rarely follows instructions…

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Instructions Unclear, executing 2020Tenerife.exe in KLAX Directory

FATAL ERROR: Collision with another file; both files destroyed along with contents inside

I think this could actually prevented if the landings lights have some effect


Haha nice pictures ✈️