United Airlines Expands Destinations From Boston

United Airlines Expands Destinations From Boston Logan (BOS/KBOS)


United Airlines will launch once-daily flights from BOS/KBOS to LHR/EGLL using their Boeing 767-300ER.

The sudden announcement comes as jetBlue has recently gained slots at London-based airports for flights from Boston. To cater to the demand as the travel industry begins to recover, United will use its high-density configured 767-300ERs with 46 Polaris Business Class, 22 United Premium Plus seats, 47 Economic Plus, and 52 Economy seats.

Official Tweet:

Boston ➡️ London has entered the chat.

New daily nonstop service on our premium Boeing 767-300ER with ✨46✨ #DreamPolaris seats coming soon.

My Thoughts

I’m really excited to see this. Though I don’t fly out of BOS, watching United grow their destinations from different airports is fantastic. I know @ToasterStroodie will like this one, too!

Congrats on this huge achievement, United!


Oh boy, you know it is gonna be good when United pulls out the Premium 767s


This is exciting! No more need to fly out of IAD to LHR now. I’m super excited to give this route a shot hopefully soon, and the B763 makes it all the better.


Yep! I flew on their 767-400ER to Rome back in 2019. It was amazing. I bet the -300ER will be even better!


Works better with actual Polaris and Premium Plus!

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DISCLAIMER: @ToasterStroodie says I’m a JetBlue simp.

I am excited to see United flying this route, but as said in the article by one mile at a time, JetBlue will prevail because of their loyal fan base (me). JetBlue is starting this summer and United seems skeptical as a launch date has not been announced.

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He’s not wrong. 🤷‍♂️

Regardless, I’m not too sure about that. It depends on when the market rises. If they launch the route within a timely manner, United may take the lead.

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