United Airlines Evo Blue Boeing 737-924ER

But, voted, I saw this flyover earlier

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Just gonna bump this

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Definitely a fan of the Evo Blue livery.

We can do this lets bump this livery up

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Personal opinion: the Evo Blue looks good in the 737-900

Can’t forget the big brother


Got my vote, love the livery and the plane.

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Little bump. I’d love to see all United planes in the evo blue colors!

Including the CRJ2 which is still in the old old livery…

Updated the main post with a beautiful full-body shot of the B739. Let’s get this in the sim!


Cool Livery, Bumped!!!

We need a complete fleet of new livery United planes in IF. The livery is now 5 years old and we only have 4 planes with the 2019 livery.