United Airlines Emergency @ KSFO

Hey everyone, just wanted to report this, couldn’t find another topic on this:

Reports of United Flight 1 saying that it hit a flock of birds out of KSFO for Singapore. They made a safe landing and everyone on board is okay. There saying that passengers were re-booked on some flight after 8:00 am, probably the Singapore Airlines flight out.


This is not huge news. There are 13,000 bird stricks occur in the U.S.A every year and an estimated 1 person will be killed due to this every 1 billion hours flown around the world.

Every news, every little thing that happens is not worth creating a thread for.

Everyday so many things happen to people who travel by air.

It’s as if we were to make a new thread for every single thing one individual does, we would endless amount of them then, so there’s not a necessity to make thread for minor incidents like this, they happen a lot and it’s inevitable. Most bird strikes goes unknown to the majority of humans here on earth.

Unless a major accident were to be caused, there not really a point in making a topic about it, thanks for your understanding :)

// JR