United Airlines dropping new routes on April 18 8:30AM EST

Any thoughts or predictions for this? One clue we got is that one of them is from LAX.
They’re probably also all international.


Hopefully some more from Palm Springs or Flagstaff

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Hopefully they bring back more of their routes to Hong Kong like Hong Kong to Guam, Hong Kong to Newark and Hong Kong to Chicago they had pre-covid. Currently only Hong Kong to San Francisco is back from United.


Will be returning in October

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Any of the others announced or not yet?

As of right now it’s only that (And SFO like you said)

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Shame, Hong Kong to Guam I would definitely use often if it was to come back, would give me such easy access to Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap and Hawaii as well as Guam itself

These announcements are almost always international routes (with the exception of the one time they included new Hawaii widebody routes), as for somewhat obvious reasons, a 787 flying to a country capital on the other side of the world is much newsworthy than a 737 flying less-than-daily to a small city.


There were some references by United about a LAX-BNE route. Itll be interesting to see what else they might have come up with. United has been super creative with their new routes and hopefully this isnt an exception.

what about HKG-NRT-HNL?

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San Francisco to Rome

Posted by Romas Airport account

(Hopefully the link works)

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The reason I say it is because the trip via Guam was like half the price. The flight to go via Tokyo, Seoul or Taipei is just insanely expensive.

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LAX-BNE | Eff November 29 | 3x Weekly 787-9
LAX-AKL | Eff October 28 | 3x Weekly 787-9
LAX-CHC | Eff December 1 | 3x Weekly 787-9

Also service increases include:

SFO-BNE up to 7x weekly on a 787-9 from Oct 28
SFO-SYD up to 14x weekly on a 77W from Oct 28
SFO-MEL 7x weekly change from 789 to 77W from Oct 28



These are in addition to some equipment upgrades on other routes to bring up Australia/New Zealand capacity by 40%.

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Seeing as I am from Brisbane I am delighted at the news. Not only are we getting a new service but we are also getting a significant capacity boost along side! Great news!

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