United Airlines | DFW-SFO | Boeing 737-900ER (With 28R/28L parallel landing)

Hey IFC!
Perfect timing! I land in San Francisco right as the 49er’s lose the Super Bowl! At least they have two more planes there, I mean, the more the merrier. I had a great unintentional approach with an Omni Air international DC-10 coming in from Hawaii! Alright, let’s see what happened.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122
Let’s see the photos! Get ready.
Line up 17R!

Up and at em.


Making my way west

Great mountains in the dessert!

Approaching SFO! The DC-10 is in the bottom left corner.

Making the parallel approach

All ready to land

Flaring in front of a Pan Am 747

We made it! Back at home.

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Those are awesome! I always love getting a good parallel approach at SFO Can we get a F for the 49ers


Let’s hope your landing was smoother than the 49ers offense in the 4th quarter


Really nice photos there, great job! By the way I’m a huge football fan.


Nice flight it looks like! Love seeing parallel approaches! That was quick already flying the 49ers home?

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Very cool photos! Congrats on being featured on IF’s Insta!

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Nice pictures!!

Why are flaps down at 10K feet?..lol

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Why are your flaps still down at 10000ft?