United Airlines DC-10

It would be awesome if this could be one of the DC-10 liveries. I know this is a duplicate but the old one got closed. If this needs to be removed feel free too.

Make sure you vote for your own request.


Would by a nice throwback plane

Wow, great retro colours. Nice livery on a nice plane!

Yep yep I need to remove some useless vote like an 767 rework

Please remember to give proper photo credit :)

Would be a great addition to the upcoming DC-10.

Totally support your idea ;)

Some of my most memorable times were flying and working on this aircraft. Would absolutely love to see this one added.

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I’m surprised this wasn’t already requested! Very nice livery

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We really need this livery! I was really sad when it wasn’t in the initial release, but we can get it in the future though!