United Airlines (Continental Blue Skyway Livery) B737-900

Hi to all!

Today I want to request to the community to vote for this special United Airlines livery. the Continental Airlines Blue Skyway Livery with Split Scimitars. I can’t wait for this United Airlines Special livery to be added? If you want to see the United Airlines (Continental Blue Skyway Livery) you should vote on this topic. There should be more and more votes up as soon as possible. Do you all like this livery? If so, Then all of you should vote & It’s a very cool plane do you realize all of the airlines. Such as airplanes. I wanted to make another request tomorrow. Feel free to go vote on special airplanes if you like them & I will get back to you as soon as I can

If you have any questions, Be sure to vote. Here is this special livery! 😊👍


Hi, please vote in the linked topic below. Although it is old, it has more information, which your description lacks. If you wish to create a new one, you must include more information and have the other one closed by moderators.

Hey there! This is the 4th feature request you have created today. Unfortunately, this violates the guidelines for this category.

In addition to that, all 4 of your feature request are duplicates and therefore are considered unnecessary. If you feel the other topics are old and need a new one, flag them to be closed before creating one.



I don’t know why we would do that, it has more information, I see no reason for it to be closed without this one being edited to have almost double the info.

Also please keep this in mind “ Do not spam . More than 2 or 3 feature requests in a day is an abuse of the category“ This was taken from the category rules. You have been here for a few years now. The rules have changed, people link these topics on everyone of your topics, it feels like you aren’t listening to our posts…