United Airlines Boom Overture

You know what? I’m gonna place a vote so 8 years from now I can say I was the first vote. Voted!


Well the statement was made a few years ago, and things have changed. I personally would love to have this in, but I’m not sure about the development requirements for the BOOM.

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These are great aircraft but like the concord there high speed could reek havoc with server performance. For that reason I’ve been against adding these. I’d be glad to see them available for single player.

I am near certain this won’t be an analog aircraft, which is mostly the reason why the Concorde won’t be developed

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Imagine an analog Boom.

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This one is called Concorde



I can’t vote :) cus i dont have anymore. Such a great idea but idk when it will be in IF. I hope it soon

Super happy for both United, JAL, and Boom. Been following Boom for a few years now as they’ve had their footprints in and around the Denver area, specifically Centennial. I have been fortunate to capture a rare glimpse of their XB1 prototype. This was just the model, well before the actual XB1 “Baby Boom” was developed.

Anyhow, here’s my really, really bad picture of of what it looks like. Took this myself on some iPhone in the summer a few years ago (July 31, 2018). Please roast the picture quality, but this was an on the fly thing. Wasn’t expecting to get a glimpse of it. 🙂


Must of been awesome seen this in person. 👍🏼

You could solve a hunger crisis with all that grain…


I was waiting for this thread.

Im going to save my votes for this to see if it actually happens and works they way they say it will…

This would be a cool aircraft in the game! You have my support!

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I’m out of votes, but know a decade and a half from now when and if it gets considered to be added, the aircraft has my support!

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Totally need this in future but this feature is likely going to get closed sadly just like with the Concorde.

We likely won’t see this for some time since originally the Concorde was opened for votes but not anymore, due to a range of factors, constructing it, hrs building it and cost.

Just thinking about this in IF! It would be insane!

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One of the reasons I love Newark!

Especially with Boom’s recent announcement, this plane is becoming closer to existing IRL! If I had any votes, I would love to vote