United Airlines Boom Overture

United Airlines Boom Overture

United Airlines has purchased 15 Boom Supersonic Overtures to be in the fleet by 2029. The aircraft will be the future of supersonic flight at Mach 1.7.

Viable United Routes

Departure Destination Flight Time
Newark (EWR) London (LHR) 3:30h
Newark (EWR) Frankfurt (FRA) 4:00h
San Francisco (SFO) Tokyo (NRT) 6:00h

United is helping fund the development of the Overture, as both share a common goal.

“United and Boom share a common purpose—to unite the world safely and sustainably. At speeds twice as fast, United passengers will experience all the advantages of life lived in person, from deeper, more productive business relationships to longer, more relaxing vacations to far-off destinations.” - Blake Scholl (Founder/CEO of Boom)

I’d like to see this as this is currently one of three proposed operators of the Boom Overture, the other two being Virgin Atlantic and Japan Airlines.

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I don´t have any votes left, sorry. But i think that is a little bit early to request for this as the boom overture is a conceptual plane, like the airbus zero - e.


I asked before making the topic and the mods approved it after 4 days of discussion, so

I’ll give it my vote if I’m still here in 2029


I’m not quite sure which feature request it was, but one of the staff explained that, until performance numbers, flight tests, etc, were complete and finalized for a new aircraft type, accurate numbers could not be produced as to the performance and overall specs of the aircraft. Therefore, the plane could not be accurately modeled in IF, making it so we may not see this aircraft in the simulator for a while. As of right now, you have my support, but I cannot cast a vote as of now when the whole thing could fall through at virtually any second.


It seems like a great idea, however it feels too new and the aircraft doesn’t exist yet, and it would only feature on livery. It just seems too new to vote for it to be added, so i’m sorry I wont be voting for this, unless later in the future this aircraft is out and flying.

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Just for your information; this will be VERY hard for the developers to make, they have little to none info about the plane as it hasn’t even been built.

That said, I really like the plane and would vote, but I am out of votes

If you guys don’t want it, you don’t have to vote or make a PSA about the fact that you don’t want it.

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Yeah that was on the 777X I believe, and that has already been built, this hasn’t even been built yet.

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I think everyone wants it
but given the date announced for a first commercial flight (2029) the community will remain cautious because for the moment the plane is still at the planning stage


We do want it, we are just saying it will be hard and almost impossible for the devs to make a good model for the airplane


I’m not too sure about this, as the range is 4470nm…30nm on a flight over the worlds largest ocean is awfully close to cut it.

You can take that up to the United Airlines PR department

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Fair enough, I mean it could glide another 250nm if it needed to lol

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Would be nice to have, out of votes though

This may also fall down the path of the requested Concorde in IF did

@dca.iad.aviation stated he talked with MODS about this, only reason this was made was to get start getting votes on this aircraft and this livery. I am sure that @dca.iad.aviation is well aware of the fact that there is no specific numbers, for example performance, this will become more available as they years go by.

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As much as I would love Concorde 2, I think it’s not a good idea to add to the game.

Jason explained it like this,

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hey I will give a vote to this in 2029 or 2028 but better early than later for a topic like this.

There are many reasons why this isn’t feasible currently but I’m almost sure time of development and complexity isn’t one of them

You know what? I’m gonna place a vote so 8 years from now I can say I was the first vote. Voted!