United Airlines Boeing 787 Birdstrike at Sydney Airport

This Boeing 787 operating United Flight 840 from Sydney to Los Angeles for United Airlines this morning had a birdstrike on takeoff. The aircraft had to dump fuel to land safely. It created some damage to the plane, luckily not the engine. There was a fire truck on standby next to runway 34L as the Jetstar flight I was on crossed the runway in front of a jumbo on the taxiway. Unfortunately I was unable to take a photo of the truck in time, it had all its lights on getting ready to speed onto the runway from the side of the taxiway. There was quite a delay after my flight took off (the plane landed 8 minutes after my flight took off luckily, as my flight was already 30 minutes late because of a slow previous flight and refuelling) before everything was reported all clear when the emergency landing was over.

Here is a photo of the right side of my aircraft, the fire truck was on the left
Flight route from FlightRadar24

Dumping fuel over the coast of NSW



It was a 787, not 777

Dear Lord! 😨 Poor bird.

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Ok my gosh this would not mean that if I go to Sydney ,which is planned, by all means I don’t want to end up in this situation because I’m flying with United.

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There were quite a few birds at YSSY today. One flew into the path of a rotating A330, very close! There were many aircraft departing this morning as well, including an A380, 747, 777, 787, A320, A330, 737, 717, ATR72, Dash 8-Q200/Q400 etc.

ohhh man I like birds but birds and planes don’t go well together.

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Poor bird? Poor 787!


But the 787 is a bird!



I care about planes, but I care more about animals and the ecosystem.


Have you seen this?

So a big bird that had eaten people got hit by a little bird :-)

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