United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

And no, we don’t travel a lot.

Oh ok. Check your PM, let’s not get off topic.

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I want this because it’s long and I like long aircrafts like the Airbus a340-600 is long and I’ll use it a lot in global but I’m not buying it until global flight is released

62 now. ;)

Looks like this might be a reality!

I would love to see this livery.

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Looking forward to its addition.

What? I just noticed we don’t have this yet lol. Yes this would be great.

This is now reality

This livery+aircraft is simply beautiful.


Please delete those pictures, 1 picture per feature request

love this !!! hope to see this in IF.

What’s the difference between a 777-300ER and 77W

Wow, looks amazing!

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They are the same thing…


77W is the code for the 777-300ER.

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I wonder if they will fly this into KIAD

Can’t wait to see it in KSAN, the only 777 as of right now in San Diego!

United announced its first 777w route from San Fransisco to Beijing!

Pretty sure it was to Hong Kong and not Beijing.