United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Trip report

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Server: Expert
Route: CDG-SFO
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER

Hello everyone, welcome to my United Airlines trip report from CDG-SFO I flew this past week, also I have some huge news at the end of the trip report so, stay tuned.

Our plane At CDG

My United Polaris Seat 7D, I have business class to myself!

Taking off from a foggy Paris

casually sleeping

Nice engine shot while flying over Southern Greenland
( I decided to watch a movie at this time)

Flying over Yellowstone National Park
more episodes of the office later

Starting our descent into San Francisco with the Bay Area in the background

Currently on final!

Buttered the bread into SFO.

Last view of my plane before I head into customs

Bonus Shot

Beautiful cockpit shot of us landing into SFO

Ok so, here’s my announcement, I have gained my CPL and now thinking of applying for a US Airline and I will decide by YOUR guys the communities votes

Which airline should I apply for?

  • Jetblue
  • American
  • Delta
  • United
  • Southwest

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Which picture was your favorite?

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  • Bonus shot

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Congrats on your CPL!!! I just started lessons last June and have done 3 one hour lessons so far. I have 15 landings in the book, how many landings and hours do you have?

Ah sorry, but my CPL in infinite flight, I’m looking to start a series of my adventures.

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oh gotcha I always get mixed up with people being serious and sarcastic

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It’s all good.

Great shots, I’m gonna be honest, these pics are a bit over-edited.

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Voting for the airlines closes at 7:00 PM EST.

-Also just casually switches to the other side of the plane-

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I had business class to me self lmao

Absolutely stunning pictures in that very cool trip report!

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how does one get a CPL in infinite flight

By saying you have one.


Lovely photos, it’s always fun to read through IF trip reports. And congrats on your CPL in IF :)

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Vote closes in 30 minutes

And I will be applying for United Airlines!

How was the food on United 777-300er?

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Amazing 😋

you get to grade 3

What? I don’t understand you…