United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER tracking

Hi just if anyone wants to track the first United airlines Boeing 777-300 this is it’s callsign


Callsign:N58031 United Boeing 777-300

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That’s not the callsign, it’s the registration.


United doesn’t have any 777-300. They only have 777-300ERs. Check your facts :)


My mistake

These have the new Polaris business class, no?

What took United so long to get on the W bandwagon? (You to Delta!)

Yes, they do. Polaris Business Class will be on their 787-10s, A350-1000s, and 777-300ERs.


You can’t even order a 300 non ER anymore, give him a break…


Not to be nosy, but this sounds very rude. So, he made a mistake, its fine and he learns from it, but please, refrain from being hostile when people make a small mistake, thanks :)


The correct designation is B773 and 777-300 for regulatory purposes since the ER is not a separate aircraft in and upon itself. Please fact check before asking other people to fact check.

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Still a 77W(777-300ER)

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The 777-200 and 777-200ER share the 772 designation because they’re basically the same aircraft, but the 300ER has blended wingtips, hence the W.

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Oh my dear friends, did you all seriously think I don’t know the difference between a 777-300 and 777-300ER? I know very well the differences between the two.

The “W” modifier is something done internally on airline inventory and dispatch systems to reflect the performance and configuration differences on the airline end. In terms of regulators, they don’t care about your wingtip extensions, they’re still calling it a 777-300. Just like how regulators think a 73W (737-700 with winglets) is still a 737-700.

@emil is incorrect in arbitrarily declaring @Lx_D completely incorrect.


A 777-300 and 777-300ER is not the same airplane. The 777-300 has different wingtips.
It’s not like it’s some add-on when ordering a 777-300 to get the ER designation. It’s another plane model.

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They’re most definitely not identical aircraft, but so similar in a way that it can be very easily confused. It is most definitely not another plane model, the differences are minute to the untrained eye. It saddens me that the community responded so positively to a very aggressively worded post. (Yes, the pre-edit state is still available) We were all untrained once.


It nots not being nosy and thanks for saying that and I will Learn from my mistake. registration: N58031 is everyone excited about tomorrow it will take its first Polaris flight and does anyone know its callsign? Thanks and safe landings

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I’m so excited about this plane, I just wish United would make a new livery.


Hey, don’t worry about it, what happens, happens :)

Has the aircraft been delivered yet? If not when will it be.