United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (Post-Merger)

Not gonna lie United only uses DEN for primarily regional flights. Another wide body long haul to Asia would be nice.


I think all landing spots into China from the US are filled. Would love another east coast connection to Japan tho

I would love to see this livery on one condition it is only used on flights to and from EWR and SFO or on the flight from EWR-LAX that is the only thing I would want to see that thing not the unrealistic stuff

I’d love to see this livery so I can fly from Atlanta to Singapore! And from Arkansas to Dubai!

But I’d really like this livery.

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Well IF is a game with no „flight“ rules …
you can‘t tell everybody where to fly
But I know what you mean sometimes there are people flying malaysian air in europe but that‘s kinda funny though 😂

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We need this livery in IF. I have flown this aircraft multiple times, and it is great for transpacific (EWR-NRT) and transatlantic (SFO-FRA) routes.



Need to get both liveries in possibly?


Ew, UA’s new livery.
Hope to see this in the game one day! I have a model of this plane sitting on a shelf 4 feet above me, one of my favorite models.


Maybe we could see an addition to it with the 777 rework? IDK though

Old and New livery? 😍


@Lufthansa2 Im not sure, but ive voted for both

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There’s a good chance of that happening. United does operate the -200, so it might come with 20.1. Plus if I’m not mistaken, United was the first airline that began operations with the 777.

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Hoping the new United 772 livery would come with 20.1


I’m really hoping they add this (continental livery of course, the EvoBlue is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen 🤢🤮)

Unfortunately I don’t have any more votes left, but my support is here!

The majority of UA’s B77W fleet is in this livery, only a few in the new one. Would be amazing to see this and the 2019 livery in 20.2. (Hopefully that’s when the B77W rework is released)


We need this!

I voted for United’s new livery, but I will be giving full support to this livery too, after all, we have been waiting a long time for it.

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This is a very much needed livery I hope it’s added


I would love to see this awesome livery 🙂


Just voted we need this and also go check out the one for the 2019 livery :)

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