United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER (Post-Merger)

I… I- I’m just gonna remove my vote 😭


There’s still hope, remember this is only the Open Beta not the actual update!


They said that if it didn’t make it in here, it won’t come in the actual update. This was it’s last chance to be added, so I just don’t see it happening.


I doubt they will add in liveries right now; they are focused on getting bugs squished :)

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Based on Misha’s remarks on the subject, this will likely not be added given that the same livery is on the 772 and we have the new livery on the 77W.

Personally I think the old livery suits the 772 better, and the new livery suits the 77W 😂 So I’m not necessarily complaining.


But United has like 23 B77W’s and only like 5 of them are painted in the new livery

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While you guys are complaining that you don’t have a different version of your livery, people like @NeperQiell, @AviatorAlex, and I don’t have ANY liveries from our home country’s airlines. You should be grateful that Infinite Flight is giving different American airlines so much attention. I thinkt that this United is a very beautiful 777 livery though.


The old one >>>> the new one
In addition to this the old livery is more used than the new one, but okay.

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I am disappointed that this livery was not included. by far it is better than the new livery.


I think they are both equal but merger i love

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It’s needed. I’ll try to free a vote for it. It’s painful to see on FT24 that it’s the old livery that is used on the airplane of many United flights and not to be able to do it on IF !

The old livery is more beautiful and the new one too imo.


Look at that beauty !



Wrong model :(

Well then……


still want this added lol

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You should rename this to “old livery”

This is a must

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United Airlines Boeing 777-300ER is very nice the livery logo it’s in Taipei, Taiwan.


Hi. Unfortunately this painting cannot be added. The new rules in this category regarding requests for aircraft liveries say that no old liveries will be added, only current liveries.

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Refunding votes