United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Trip report

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER

My plane for today!

My seat 11F Economy Plus, @IF_Josh on the other side in his United Boeing 777-300ER Going to Sydney

Taxiing to runway 28L United Boeing 737-800 in the background whom is @ckane52

Takeoff from Runway 28L while overseeing United’s maintenance hangar

3 hours later

Few pictures I managed to get from the cockpit after kindly asking the flight attendants kindly.

Our aircraft from another cockpit’s perspective

Landed in Khalahul!

At gate after four hours and forty four minutes of flying
Thanks for reading! Also thanks to @AIDAN101 for tagging along although he is not featured in these series of pictures. (Look our for PDX-SFO and MBJ-MCO Trip report later today 👀)


Great shots dude ! ;)

Thanks man!

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Amazing shots! That was really nice of the flight attendants to let you see the cockpit!

I was heading to Guam @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

Ahh I see it was hard to predict because lots of aircraft were going to Sydney and Melbourne 😅

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