United Airlines | Boeing 747-100 Retro "Friend Ship" Livery


I personally do believe that this specific [United Airlines] (https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/) “Friend Ship” livery depicted above would look wonderful on the [Boeing 747-100] (Boeing 747 - Wikipedia) aircraft overall, especially with the addition of the upcoming [Infinite Flight] (https://www.infinite-flight.com/) global update that is most certainly around the corner… If any issues pertaining to this certain #features request seem to arise in general please, do contact me as soon as possible via private message in order to promptly develop a quick and efficient solution.

Not that it really matters because it’s pretty challenging to distinguish, but the Friend Ship livery was on the 747-122 better known as the 100 series.

An image of Friend Ship livery with tail number

and record of the aircraft under AirFleets

Not a bad paint job either. 😁


Thanks a lot for the quick fix then!

Would be great to have this livery, fits perfectly in the 747.

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This totally earned my vote.👍😀

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1- Maybe the whole “Infinite Flight” thing taking you to the website wasn’t really necessary was it?
2- That is a GREAT livery! I’m going to take a look at my vote allocation, and see if I can get a vote into this 👍

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I am very glad that you appreciate this livery that is shown above but, next time do try your best to consult any of these seperate concerns with me privately rather than in the main thread itself…

Yeah, it really does fit this aircraft perfectly!

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Ok, that is extremely great to hear!