United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9

United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 (N67501)


Taken by our very own @Matt737 (Matt Allison) via JetPhotos.com

The United Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX has been in service for a little bit now. Lately the airline United has grown closer and closer to me and I thought, “Why not see another United livery get added into the game?!” So here it is. The MAX series is a beautiful and maybe we can hope to see this with the Boeing 737 MAX series soon!

United currently has 36 MAX 9’s on order with 10 MAX’s already received. The MAX 9 is to help replace the older Boeing 757 series which is mostly on medium haul routes. The United MAX 9’s are mainly based out of Houston Intercontinental (KIAH). This airline is outstanding and the MAX series is just an amazing engineering marvel. So let’s hope we can see this in Infinite Flight soon!

Extra Information

That’s it for another one of my feature requests. So if you like the United 737 MAX 9, hit that vote button or drop a comment!

I love the idea, Nice Request!

Let me find a vote to sacrifice for this…

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You have My vote, @Joseph007!

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Thanks @Robertine!

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This is an amazing idea I would love to see this in Infinite Flight, keep up the great work! 😉

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It would look very beautiful in the sim!

If this is added, I pray it’s N67501!


Mind if I switch pictures to yours?! To your third picture?

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Sure! It’s on JetPhotos too, so I’ll give you that link.

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Thanks Matt!

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It’s 1 picture per thread please. @Joseph007 @Matt737

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He’s just sharing the pictures he took it’s alright.


This is a great idea. It is a revolutionary plane! The Boeing 787 allowed for long haul travel between two medium demand places. The 737MAX allows airlines to connect two long haul low demand destinations and still make a profit on these routes. I love the photos although there can only be one per thread. I really hope this feature could become a success!

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It looks even better with the dreamliner livery on it! Thanks for the support.

I also think it should be the entire series (-8/9 and 10)

They only have orders for the -9 and -10 I’m pretty sure.

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United ordered 36 MAX 9 aircraft and 100 MAX 10 aircraft. 10 MAX 9’s have been delivered.

UA’s MAX 9s are the best looking MAX aircraft out there! You have my vote.

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Yay thanks Joseph!:)

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No problem, Joseph!