United Airlines Boeing 737-900ER

Hey guys, I would like to make a request for the United airlines Boeing 737-900ER, you can tell that the 900ER is different by the extra exit door That is not on the 900.
I also like this because it’s longer than the 900 non ER and it will be the longest variant of the 737 until the Boeing 737-10MAX Has been completed

Credit to: http://theflight.info/boeing-737-900-united-airlines-photos-and-description-of-the-plane/

There is really no difference between this and the original 739 except range…


I’m pretty sure the UA 737-9 currently found in game is supposed to be the ER version, along with pretty much all the other airlines that are included with the type. An eventual 737 rework I suspect will correct the issue.


This is longer than the non ER Variant of the 737-900

How far can the 739ER fly?

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3,200nm, 500 nm farther than the 737-900

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