United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Final Approach to KSAN- Photoshop

Hey all, I’m back with another Photoshop today with a different edit style. Instead of changing the scenery and all that, I tried enhancing the original Infinite Flight scenery. I feel like I over-did some things, though. I hope you guys like it :D



Changes made:

  • Added contrail
  • Enhanced the sunset
  • Added heat wave effect where the engine is located (bottom right)

I prefer the other ones this looks too fake but it looks cool nonetheless maybe having the contrails further from the edge will differentiate it from looking like blur. Please continue making these I look forward to them


These are all very nice but you should make one thread for all your photoshop pictures so you don’t clog the forum.

That’s actually a very good idea :D
People could see my previous work then
I’ll do that from now on this post

Thanks for the suggestion

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I never experienced contrails in real life so yea:/
And this is my first time doing an effects-only edit so I’m not that good
But thanks for the suggestion nonetheless :D

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I’d rather see all your photoshop posts in one thread! They are really well done! :)


The heat shimmer is all i want btw.,contrails dont bug me that much

I think wing is too close, anyway nice edit ! :)

Oh yeah they’re really cute 737 wings! And the engine isn’t in the middle of the wing as shown here, it’s closer to the fuselage. The contrail wouldn’t be that white like clouds. And the sunset and glimmer reflection on the camera lens wouldn’t be that bright. Otherwise it’s awesome, and I love the cabin window frame! :-)

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The contrails and windows look a bit abnormal to me.

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