United Airlines B777-224(ER) 2019 Livery

That’s up to the devs, unfortunately. There’s no guarantee that any feature request will impact the devs opinion’s. We just have to hope it’ll be added :)

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Voted! We need this one!


Thank you! Hopefully this beauty is added 🤞.


Agreed. I am hoping!


I’m actually dumb, idk what I was thinking, but since I’m here, guess I’m bumping this feature request.

Hope it gets added soon.


Smarter than I am 🙃

I don’t know what you were thinking either, but thank you!

to much !!! its so beautiful

Correct me if I’m wrong, but IF posted these pictures today:

As you see, the registration is N79011. When I searched it up, this is what showed up:

(Credit: GFB)

This may be coming to Infinite Flight! (The UA continental B772 in-game has a registration of N795UA).

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Maybe, however I wouldn’t bet on it until we saw an exterior shot of the aircraft

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The reason it says that is they basically copied the 772 cockpit onto the 77W and 77L because they are all just about the same, and the current 772 cockpit on all 772 liveries has N79011 in the cockpit. Likely just an egg like the EAA XCub that led to the Boeing house 747-200, except for the New United 737-800.

Huh, that’s strange, considering that they never added the livery with the actual registration…

Like I said, it was likely an egg to show the New United 737-800

Don’t get your hopes up. I thought the same thing when v20.1 was in the works.

Yea that’s what I posted a few hours ago but I realized it was the same as last time

The United 2019 livery has been confirmed for 20.2. This will be on the 777-300ER.

Yep. Unfortunately nothing for the 777-200ER.

I know I’m just saying that the 777-300ER has the new livery confirmed.

But… that’s not what you had written… anyways, really hope to see this. 🤞

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It would be great to see this livery in Infinite Flight!