United Airlines B757-200 (Tulip Livery)

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This is a beautiful livery for the 757-200, and I’d love to see this livery come to IF, especially if we had a 757 rework! (NOTE: I am not requesting a 757 rework.)

Photo Credit: N532UA | Boeing 757-222 | United Airlines | FOKKER AIRCRAFT | JetPhotos


Loved the tulip livery, but I always preferred the Battleship Grey scheme over it. Still, definitely better than the Continental logo they have now! Would love to see this!


How I miss this livery, looks nice!


Man does this bring me back! I love all the tulip liveries but it looks so good on the 757

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The Continental Logo wasn’t bad at all

Looks so majestic with the clouds, would be a very nice addition to IF

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The Tulip Livery is so beautiful!


I have always loved the tulip livery I personally wish it was the normal livery and all of united’s planes would have it instead of what they have now
PS. I know it won’t happen but it’s cool to imagine, it’s such a nice livery

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Outdated style, but nice.

I’d make a topic for that one, but since this exists, why not a 4 year bump lol

YES YES YES MY FAV UA LIVERY!!! preferably without winglets, but if it has it’s fine too

I love this livery! I don’t have any votes but I support this fully!