United Airlines B747-400 Tulip Rainbow Livery


When I was browsing some Kai Tak photos I came across with this one. It immediately caught my eyes. I personally like the waistline very much, and the color is also a mix of my favorites.

It would be nice to have this one added when 747 gets a rework. Really want to fill up Kai Tak with some classic liveries like this one!

You can read about the story of the United tulip here.

Yes we TOTALLY need this Livery. Because Retro Liveries are Cool!!

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Damnnnnnnn that livery looks amazing!

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Cheatline almost always looks fantastic!

This needs to be added!

The Saul Bass livery is amazing and beautiful! I always thought it looked best on the DC-10, but my opinion has been changed… You have my complete support!

Oh, btw, be sure to vote for your own topic :)

Looks amazing!


why does this have no votes?

Maybe it will get some when a rework is announced 😬

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When I say I need this, I mean I need this.

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First voter here! Would live to see this

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Beautiful livery!

One word. Beautiful.