United Airlines - Announces New Route from EWR (Newark)


Hello everyone! United has just announced today that they will be starting a new route in December from EWR. Their new route will be Cape Town, South Africa! This flight will be around 14 1/2 hours to Cape Town and around 16 hours back. The route will be operated by a United 787-9 Dreamliner. I think this is a great way to expand their route network down into Africa. Also starting to compete with Delta on DL’s ATL-JNB route.

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So now, what are your thoughts on this? Good or bad idea for United Airlines?

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I think it’s a good idea. Something new for them. However I do see it being hard to sustain this depending on ticket prices.


I would enjoy this if it were from KIAD.


It said ticket prices would start at around $800. Not too bad for a long international flight.


That’s pretty good. I see the US Legacy carriers expanding more into the african market if this is successful.


And also JFK-JNB with South African Airways. Plus, you could include SAA’s service from IAD to JNB (with stopovers in Dakar and Lagos). In theory, SAA should serve at EWR alongside United since they’re Star Alliance partners. JFK and EWR are two different animals though.

Nice to see two US airlines in the African market now. Still awaiting American Airlines to make a move.


Also very true with SAA. But yes American hasn’t stepped into the realm of Africa yet which is again disappointing.


This is super cool, new routes are always welcomed.


So glad they chose EWR! Finally going to see more 787s come to Newark and not IAD all the time.


That’s pretty neat, the 787 is a gorgeous plane, and would be a pleasure to fly on for a long flight like this!


Especially to Africa! What a beautiful continent!


Yay a new route to fly on IF I should also show my mom this she went Cape Town in January


Well done United - this will be a great expansion for you!

Good Luck!


I would have never thought United Airlines would be flying to Cape Town

How surprising tbh


Why are they flying to Cape Town tho? Their Star Alliance Partner SA’s hub is Johannesburg


Agreed can’t wait for the route to start from EWR😁😁