United Airlines announces Houston-Sydney nonstop

Starting January 18th 2018, United will be offering daily nonstop service from it’s Houston hub to Sydney. The flight will be operated by a 787-9. At 8,596 miles, it will be United’s second longest flight.
It makes it easier for more people in the U.S. to get to Sydney and Australia. Let’s say you wanted to fly from Jacksonville, FL to Sydney. You’d have to make 2 stops, one in Houston or Chicago, and another one in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Now you only have to make one! At the same time, it makes it easier for Sydney/southeastern Australia residents to go to almost anywhere in the U.S. with a short 1-stop connection.
I honestly didn’t see this coming. I hope the service is successful and long-lasting!


Great to hear that my home airport is expanding even further. Honestly didn’t know the 787-9 had that kind of range.

I’ll see if I can fly this one tonight - just completed UA1 about half an hour ago. :)


If United keeps this route for the next 10-ish years I wonder if they will use the a350 when they get them 🤔


I don’t think so. I am pretty sure there are flights from Jacksonville to Dallas, and from there you can take the Qantas A380 to Sydney.

Glad United Airline decided to use a great Aircraft for this one of a kind route.


You sound like someone else on this forum…hmmm🤔


I know that, but this is if you wanted to use United the whole time.

Will…Will A. Am?


Well that is just cherry picking carriers. It’s like saying that it is impossible to go from London to Boston if you always want to fly WizzAir.

Anyways, I like it that more flights are being made with more new exciting routes being opened all around the world. Is there a possibility of United’s A350s that arrive in the 2020s operate this flight once they are here?

I guess you could say that George Bush Intercontinental just became even more…intercontinental. Yay, puns.


A380 might be a bit big now Qantas for Sydney - Houston

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Glad to see United announce this route! May do it on Global someday 🤔👍


I heard this earlier today, and I’m very happy we get to keep 4 dreamliners based here at IAH. #ihatebeinga772hub


What are those four? Rio, LAX…
Also, what’s wrong with being a 777 hub? I would love it if SCL were a 777 hub. 😂
But yeah it’s nice that United is trying to open new routes and options for passengers.

It’s great that UA is expanding their service out of Houston! Should provide more excape routes for future hurricanes:-)

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SFO, DEN, RIO, and now SYD. 772s get old after awhile…

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Also, I’m not counting LAX because they really don’t do the 788 on there anymore.

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This is wonderful, truly wonderful. We love the U.S here in AUS and this has made it easier to see more of your great country more easily, thanks United we appreciate it


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