United Airlines Announces Flights to Bangalore, Accra, Lagos, Johannesburg, and More

I think you actually got one.

4903 isn’t a flight number. It’s a distance.

Newark to Kahului is 4,903 miles…


ahahah i am so big brain

100% not luck

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You could see LHR in a map at one point… maybe new routes from there

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Another potentially huge hint:

What if the top circle in Newark? Then those lines would pretty much be pointing in the direction of South America.

And the number 2301 - another distance hint? It even says “range”.

I think it’s an aircraft type, with that as the range of the aircraft, but what does the Y axis say on it?

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I think the Y-Axis says payload but it’s abbreviated

Its going to be major SFO additions

It does have payload at the end, but what are the first 3 letters? F something something

Wow yall amaze me with the things you can get out of a 20 second video!!

Routes to South America &/or Africa should be definitely coming (based on what it showed)

2572 was another number shown.

I have a feeling there’s a route to Africa from Newark


where was the 2572?

In the range one

B787-8 was shown when it showed Newark & Africa too

From Newark Airport, 2575 miles is Ponta Delgada in the Azores…only 3 away form our magic number

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A bunch of numbers here:


They also showed 767-300ER


They should be re introducing VTBS to SFO and back too

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This one? Payld?

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Oh I see that now

I see the number 234

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