United Airlines Announces Flights to Amman, Bergen, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, and More

For those who’d like the time stamps for each route, I’ve listed them below.

Time Stamp Departure Arrival Aircraft Notes
0:11 KEWR LPPD 737 MAX 8 New Service
0:20 KEWR LFMN Resumption
0:20 KEWR ESSA Resumption
0:20 KEWR EDDB Resumption
0:20 KEWR LIRN Resumption
0:20 KEWR LPPR Resumption
0:20 KEWR LKPR Resumption
0:20 KEWR LIPZ Resumption
0:20 KEWR EINN Resumption
0:20 KEWR EGPH Resumption
0:20 KIAD EGPH Resumption
0:20 KORD EGPH Resumption
0:23 KORD LIMC 787-8 New Service
0:29 KEWR LIRF Additional Flight
0:32 KIAD EDDB 767-300ER New Service
0:36 KDEN EDDM 787-9 New Service
0:40 KIAD OJAI 787-8 New Service
0:45 KEWR GCTS 757-200 New Service
0:49 KEWR LPMA 767-300ER New Service
0:52 KEWR ENBR 757-200 New Service
0:56 KEWR EIDW Additional Flight

I guessed a fair amount of these, which I am pretty impressed about. Very excited for these to kick off!


PDL from ewr with a max 8 interesting, seems like route the 757 would have served if it still was in service

Well it is, it’s serving other routes. I think the max is a really smart choice here.

You also have to remember EWR-PDL really isn’t that long. Compared to other UA routes, it’s shorter than SFO-BOS and LAX-HNL. MAX can handle it easily

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