United Airlines Announces Flights to Amman, Bergen, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, and More

Ah, my quality level wasn’t fully up.

Yea, the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. quality is really bad.

YouTube’s got the 1080p

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Ok, thanks! I’ll watch it on YT

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Does United already fly to Bulgaria? The country is called “Land of Roses” which could go with “thorn.” I could be wrong entirely, it’s just my guess.

Don’t believe they fly to Bulgaria

Another thing, UA on Twitter seems to really be pushing people to decode, so probably using the letter to number thing at the end of the video. Just have no idea what to decide that makes sense

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Yeah, the issue with decoding is that it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t relevant.

Honestly, I feel like it’s extremely obscure in rather bad ways.

This was their hint for Newark to Johannesburg last year. Taking the “ew r j n b” from that phrase. Why???


Looks to be a B763 that might be flying a route or maybe a few of them

Interesting observation. That’s possible. It also looks like the cup has writing on it. I’m sure that’s just to add detail and not a clue.

The cup says this

#2 shots
Cap Oat.

Francis is an Italian name.

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Ooh that’s neat. I wonder if anything on the suitcase lock has anything. This is very confusing aha

I see the word “Porto” on the backpack, as well as a pin resembling the Swedish flag, and a Shamrock. Also the word “Curacao”.

The top secret paper addresses “M.PQ” - if you look at the wheel next to the envelope, M, P, and Q make up the numbers, 3, 1, and 7 - 3.17, Saint Patricks Day. I also see the Greek flag.

My guesses are -


That’s all I can be bothered to investigate for now

Yea, I get that. It’s more enjoyable when it’s a “oh, that’s how it was supposed to be solved!” instead of “how was anyone supposed to get that?”

Only thing is EWR-ARN is already a route. The other ones could happen.

Competing with SAS.

No, I mean United already flies it seasonally. So they wouldn’t announce it unless they feel like announcing a resumption.

Ah. I’m gonna guess IAD-ARN seasonal then. However they have announced route resumptions in the past in this way.

Here’s something:

On the departure board for the IAD flight, the F/N is 15906…yeah that ain’t a normal UAL F/N, so what could it be though?

I think all of those on the backpack are resumptions. EWR to Nice, Porto, Venice, Stockholm, Prague, etc. United on Twitter seems to be calling them red herrings when people respond with those cities. The actual new routes might be unrelated to those.

I saw a reply where someone mentioned Jordan and they replied something along the lines of “getting closer.” So maybe another flight to TLV? CAI and DXB also seem to be popular guesses.

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