United Airlines Announces Flights to Amman, Bergen, Tenerife, Palma de Mallorca, and More

United Airlines announces its newest international routes.

Following a teaser with clues, United has announced its newest routes:

  • Newark (EWR) to Ponta Delgada (PDL) with Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • Washington (IAD) to Amman (AMM) with Boeing 787-8
  • EWR to Bergen (BGO) with Boeing 757-200
  • EWR to Palma de Mallorca (PMI) with Boeing 767-300
  • EWR to Tenerife (TFS) with Boeing 757-200
  • Chicago (ORD) to Milan (MXP) with Boeing 787-8
  • IAD to Berlin (BER) with Boeing 767-300ER
  • Denver (DEN) to Munich (MUC) with Boeing 787-9
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Previous Info with Teaser

Remember last year when United posted a teaser with clues to announce new routes to Bangalore, Accra, Johannesburg, and more? United Airlines Announces Flights to Bangalore, Accra, Lagos, Johannesburg, and More

They’ve posted a new teaser for new international routes:

United – Guess our new 2022 International Flights - YouTube

The new routes will be announced at 8 AM ET (New York time) on October 14 (tomorrow).

Get ready. Like last year, this should be exciting, and it was certainly fun trying to figure out the new routes on the IFC.

What do you all think of United’s new routes and destinations?


Yesss! I’m so happy that United is doing the teaser again! I love when the community members gather to solve the clues.


I love it how United do these announcements of clues before offical announcment, you don’t get to see these with many other airlines around the globe sadly. 😔

If you look at their twitter feed they’ve posted some clues:

Guessing it likely where a spy movie has been filmed and its a likely a famous place.


hmm, I’ll say Vienna

Definitely likely a European route for sure, I’m thinking SFO to Rome since Alitalia is ceasing its operations in 2 days from now, someone must fill in the gap for sure and Italia Trasporto Aereo not doing.

I don’t care if I have school tomorrow, I’m getting up at 5 AM for this.


ITA plans to begin FCO-SFO in 2023


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Well it’s possible they could be announcing that, they might be willing to compete against them.

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Could happen, based on the possible “clues” above which you posted. The most recent spy movie that released took place mostly in Italy.

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PHX needs more international 😭

It’s up!


Alright, guesses:

Porto, Portugal
Prague, Czech Republic
Nice, France
Stockholm, Sweden

Some of them will be departing out of IAD (not sure how many)

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Hints I saw: Curaco, Sweden (Stockholm probably), Nice, Porto. Also see people saying Prauge. “Lasagna” on the crossword could mean Italy and “Arsenal” could mean London (for the soccer team?). If I had to guess, seems heavy on IAD and ORD, maybe LAX too since most of these routes are flown from EWR already.

Organized version of the decoder:

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Could the crossword hold some clues?

I think I can pick out some of the words:


When will they officially announce them ?

8am EST tomorrow (10/14)

No idea about Thorn, but like I said I’m leaning towards Arsenal being London or a UK route and Lasagna being Italy. Looking around online, someone said Bread could be France, so CDG? Most of the big European airports UA flies to from most hubs except for DEN so maybe Denver is getting a bit of a European expansion?

We’ll find out tomorrow morning, although I love these detective games

Now, I’m doing a little insight into the video now. And I noticed this on the man’s phone. It appears that it’s a city that has a “-“ in it. Now, it looks like Milan-Malpensa (LIMC) to Chicago.

Los Angeles


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