United Airlines Announces 17 New Routes

United Airlines has announced 17 new routes.

Despite low air travel demand, United has been adding several new routes, such as Chicago to Tel Aviv, Denver to Alamosa, Houston to Abilene, and more.

United has announced the following routes, set to operate on peak days:

Starting November 6:

From Boston (BOS):

  • 2x Fort Lauderdale - 737-800
  • 1x Fort Meyers - A320
  • 2x Orlando - 737-800 and A320
  • 1x Tampa - 737-800

From New York LaGuardia (LGA):

  • 2x Fort Lauderdale - A320
  • 1x Fort Myers - 737-800
  • 2x Orlando - A320
  • 1x Tampa - 737-800

From Cleveland (CLE):

  • 1x Fort Lauderdale - 737-800
  • 1x Fort Myers - 737-800
  • 1x Orlando - 737-800
  • 1x Tampa - Embraer 175

From December 17:

  • Milwaukee to Tampa and Fort Myers - A319
  • Columbus to Fort Myers - E175
  • Indianapolis to Fort Myers - A320
  • Pittsburgh to Fort Myers - E175

Additionally, some of the previous routes from LGA/CLE/BOS will increase frequency

These routes will run through January 10, 2021.

Route Map:

Previous Information/United's Puzzle

Today at 3:15 PM CST, United will announce new routes.

How it works:

  • Find the 3-letter airport codes in the game.
  • Airport codes are formed in any direction from letters that adjoin horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Letters may be used more than once, but not more than once within a single code.
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Let’s see if anyone can figure out the destinations based off the puzzle and the routes that will be added.


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Although these routes will operate briefly, it’s nice to see United experiment with more point to point routes.


I know all of the airport codes! Can I share what they are?

Yea, go ahead, or you can mark them as spoilers. Up to you.

What would that be in Zulu time?

I think 8:15 PM

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Airport codes:

TPA Tampa, MCO Orlando, CMH Columbus, CLE Cleveland, IAH Houston, BOS Boston , DRO Durango, ORD Chicago, BCN Barcelona , MKE Milwaukee, and EDI Edinburgh.


I can see:

ORD (Chicago), EDI (Edinburgh), BCN (Barcelona), IAH (Houston), BOS (Boston) and MCO (Orlando)


Oh this will be good

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If I’m not wrong, does this mean that airports like Auckland (AKL), Tampa (TPA), and Manhattan (MHK) are options?

Airport codes are formed in any direction from letters that adjoin horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

How disappointing ☹️


Indeed it is 😔


Hoping they pull something surprising, like Boston to Florida.


Pittsburg to Orlando is one of my guesses.


Boston to Tampa stands out to me as a possibility


I’m putting my bets on Cleveland to Tampa and Boston to Orlando.


I’d be down, but I doubt it, highly doubt it. They have at most a daily A319 between here and Miami. I know Miami and Orlando are very different cities, but my point is more that our Florida flights are pretty locked down with southwest, and a whole host of flights from Spirit, Allegiant, and soon JetBlue is jumping in on this. AA hasn’t made much of an effort to break into that despite all but owning Miami. It doesn’t really make sense imo, but I’d love to be proven wrong.


I feel like that Buffalo will get new routes

Can’t forget Frontier either.

MCO is so strange as I’m sure traffic in and out of here have major influence from Disney and Universal, and the admission prices of the two. No wonder LCCs have control of the airport.

However, I would love to see United open up routes here!

The ones that i found (will be edited)

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I think Orlando-Boston is a possibility.