United Airlines A350 Timelapse | Los Cabos (MMSD)-Seattle (KSEA)

Hello! I’m back from my short break from the IFC, and I got a fresh new timelapse coming right your way.

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Forgot to mention, the thumbnail was edited using LD | Light Distortion

No!!! A United a350 and it’s in Seattle! 😭😂😂 jk nice video

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Nice Video!
You are now finally unsuspended lol )ignore this)

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I know it’s unrealistic, but it was the best all 3D flight I could do lol. :D

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Roger, I never saw that.

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[quote=“Aviatorwyatt, post:3, topic:660480”]
No!!! A United a350 and it’s in Seattle

I’m not even sure MMSD can accommodate an A350 lol

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Beautiful scenery on this trip!!!

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Thank you! I got another one coming, and the scenery is gonna be much better than this :)