United Airlines A320 (Rising blue) Livery

Any plane with this livery is a beautiful plane:)


Isn’t this the blue tulip livery…


It can be both its real name is rising blue but its commonly referred to as blue tulip

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  • We need this!
  • Meh
  • Nah, the United Continental livery is better.

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Oh ok, yah I heard it as the blue tip livery.

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Ahaha well either way is fine:)

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Stop spamming the #features category. I know you love united planes and stuff. Do realise everything with a united paint on it cannot be added in Infinite Flight (at least for now)


I have to agree with @dush19 you have a ton of feature request in the past 18hours


It’s pretty good.

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Can you just stop hating on everybody when ever i see you comment all i see is something negative, and i dont care if it cant be added now im requesting what i want and i have the right in doing so for once can you actually comment on something giving your opinion on the actual topic coz srsly all i see is you giving lectures everywhere


I flew on an A320 with this livery. Such a beautiful livery!


That is one of those liveries that looks great on any plane! And the tulip is just classic!

It’s not about hate or negativity. I’m just highlighting the rules that y’all don’t care to read at all…

If you can’t see, the mods have no issue with my post. :)

Stop spamming.

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I posted 4 features, thats technically “a couple” if you have a problem with what i do PM me and if im doing something wrong howcome a staff member hasnt notified me?!?

So stop trying to be a moderator its not ur job to tell us what to do on the forum if im breaking the rules let a staff member handle it!

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Talk about anything literally here.

Couple = 2, you posted four. You actually posted a couple of couple of feature requests

OK, I’ll ask a staff to notify you. I am not acting like a mod, I am just trying to keep the rules enforced. I am not telling you, suggesting you.


Stop arguing with Dush. He helps us deal with people like you and we appreciate the time he puts in to do so.

Move on.