United Airlines A319

United Airlines A319 Livery Feature Request

Photo Credits: Joerg A. Dittmer


The United A319 is an absolutely stunning aircraft. I believe this livery will be a great addition to the Infinite Flight fleet as United operates the A319 on flights ranging from 1-4 hours which are perfect for those who want to fly short routes with scenic views.

The United A319 has a seat capacity of 128 passengers. There are 8 First Class, 42 Economy Plus, and 78 standard Economy seats. United has just recently refurbished its entire A319 fleet with new first class seats, power outlets, and larger overhead bins. United currently operates 67 A319s. Over the next few years, United will continue to receive used A319-100 aircrafts to cover for short term fleet needs. United has already added multiple ex-China Southern A319s into their fleet.

Why you should vote for this livery

The United A319 is such a gorgeous aircraft! How could anyone not want this in the sim?! In all seriousness, the addition of this livery will allow pilots like me, who enjoy flying real routes with the aircraft used in real life to broaden their flight options. United operates the A319 on many of its short-haul routes. Pilots who enjoy flying short scenic routes over the continental U.S. will surely find this versatile aircraft to be a delight.

Routes operated by United A319 aircrafts

Here are just some of the many routes we can fly with the United A319:

Sourced from FlightAware and Flightradar24. Flight plans converted via fpltoif.com

(KSMF) Sacramento ✈ (KDEN) Denver
  • Flight: United 1546

  • Departure: (KSMF) Sacramento, CA

  • Arrival: (KDEN) Denver, CO

  • Distance: 820NM

  • Flight Time: 2:20

  • Altitude: FL350

  • Route: KSMF 3838N/12127W 3839N/12042W 3834N/11814W INSLO GAROT 4004N/10755W CSPAD FRNCH SKARF TOMSN BEOND SWAYN KAILE KDEN

(KROC) Rochester ✈ (KEWR) Newark
  • Flight: United 1676

  • Departure: (KROC) Rochester, NY

  • Arrival: (KEWR) Newark, NJ

  • Distance: 252NM

  • Flight Time: 1:30

  • Altitude: FL270


(KSFO) San Francisco ✈ (KSNA) Santa Ana
  • Flight: United 1931

  • Departure: (KSFO) San Francisco, CA

  • Arrival: (KSNA) Santa Ana, CA

  • Distance: 393NM

  • Flight Time: 1:30

  • Altitude: FL270

  • Route: KSFO SENZY 3658N/12234W CYPRS MCKEY 3527N/12100W 3503N/12034W 3442N/12017W 3405N/11947W 3354N/11926W 3334N/11846W 3324N/11814W 3322N/11804W MINOE KSNA

(KMSN) Madison ✈ (KORD) Chicago
  • Flight: United 2345

  • Departure: (KMSN) Madison, WI

  • Arrival: (KORD) Chicago, IL

  • Distance: 112NM

  • Flight Time: 0:50

  • Altitude: FL110

  • Route: KMSN GARTT 4233N/8906W 4226N/8904W 4225N/8854W 4223N/8840W 4222N/8830W COGSS 4218N/8819W SOOLU KURKK VULCN HIMGO KORD

(KIAH) Houston ✈ (CYYC) Calgary
  • Flight: United 2393

  • Departure: (KIAH) Houston, TX

  • Arrival: (CYYC) Calgary, Canada

  • Distance: 1538NM

  • Flight Time: 4:00

  • Altitude: FL360

  • Route: KIAH 3006N/9524W 3017N/9530W WLLIS 3107N/9558W DOLEY FUZ MMB COPLA BIL CYYC

Im very optimistic about this livery being added into Infinite Flight in the future. If you are as well, please spare a vote for this remarkable aircraft as every vote counts. Cheers!

Wow! You’ve obviously done a lot of work on the feature request -

It’s very nicely formatted, and you go “beyond the line of duty” to show us how many things you can do with this plane.

Unfortunately, out of votes, but keep the great work up!

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This is a great feature request, it is clear and has high quality information. Just gave it one vote.


United has a lot of routes with the A319 especially out of KIAH and KORD. Would love to see this beautiful livery on the A319. Voted!


Bumping this topic, still would love to fly this baby bus in IF!


Bumping the topic as well, after the a320 livery update its still not in the game, they need the old livery and the new 2019 livery… voted!

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I would love to see this in the new livery

I’d like this added no matter if it’s the new livery or the old one :)

Why is this not in the sim already

Good question

i cant do a lot of routes now :(

Let’s keep those votes coming!!

Awww… why does this loooks so cute?