United Airlines 787 at EWR, And It’s a 10!

Flew UAL71 from Amsterdam to Newark, operated by the 787-10 in real life! Love this bird, very fun to fly. The long fuselage presents some challenges, especially while rotating during the takeoff roll. Flap 15 negates the risk substantially at heavy weights, but a slow steady rotation will be safe nonetheless. Enjoy!

Route: Amsterdam (AMS) to Newark (EWR)
Altitude: Initial FL360 - FL380 - FL400
Cruise Speed: Mach .84
Flight Time: 7 Hours 41 Minutes
Equipment: Boeing 787-10 (N12003 Fictional Reg)

At Terminal C Gate C123. EWR looks amazing in 3D!


the -10 is always a beaut to fly

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It really is, smooth handling. Thanks!